Eldorado Coffee ltd. was incorporated in the state of New York on July 7 th 1980 . It started
from a storefront on 72 nd Street and Broadway in Jackson Heights , Queens NY. At that time
it only sold 100% Colombian coffee to local stores and restaurants. The coffee was of
excellent quality, which is what set the company apart and made its growth possible at a
tremendous rate.

On March 19, 1981 Eldorado inaugurated its roasting facility in Brooklyn NY and with the first
roast came a new aroma to the neighborhood that surrounded it.

Today Eldorado Coffee Ltd. is a full line vertical roaster. We have a large volume capacity
roasting plant in Maspeth, Queens New York. And we currently roast and pack for several
hundred coffee services, food services, vending services, and food distributors in 42 states.
Locally, we service the tri-state areas restaurants, delis and retail supermarket establishments,
with our retail and foodservice Eldorado branded coffee products.


Eldorado Coffee Ltd. thrives on attaining the finest quality green coffee beans from all over
the world, roasting them to perfection and packaging our product so to assure freshness.
We are family owned and guarantee every coffee bean that we produce. Your satisfaction
is our number one priority.

Allow us to introduce our single serve Eldorado Coffee Pod, the most revolutionary new concept in the OCS industry. The pod will allow you to choose from a wide variety of fine coffees to be brewed uniquely to your own taste. No more wasted coffee, just one perfect freshly brewed cup at a time at a substantially lower cost than any existing single cup coffee system in the industry. You simply cannot go wrong when you offer your customers one of the finest coffees in the most innovative system to date.

Our pod selections will include our finest regular and decaffeinated coffees, our best specialties and our most demanded flavored coffees. Eldorado strives to create the perfect taste profile in all of our coffee selections and have set our standards in order to maintain a consistent delicious cup every time in order to gratify the most demanding palate.